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Local application of wood

Release time:2017-11-16  Article source:Tangshan Dushibao Industrial Co.,Ltd

A friend asked me the application of wood plastic engineering materials, I told him that the current local, wood plastic engineering materials are mainly used outdoors, the specific scope of my brief summary as follows:
1. constitute the landscape
Wood plastic engineering materials in the form of plane composition, facade modeling, color, can form their own characteristics. Combined with the plant, the hard landscape and soft landscape to better blend together, whether it is an independent wood plastic guardrail, or with other architectural forms of wood plastic guardrail, has a good landscape effect.
2. organizational space
Wood plastic engineering materials have the characteristics of architectural space, and because of the growing time of the plants, the wood plastic guardrail has dual characteristics. It can organize the space independently, form the ornamental space dominated by wood plastic guardrail, and decorate the environment, and form a compound garden space with other gardening elements. The timeliness of plant growth can form a unique four-dimensional space of wood plastic guardrail, so that it has different ornamental values in each season.
3. rest space
Wood plastic engineering materials can be surrounded by one or more open spaces, providing visitors with resting place. With the addition of plant landscape, the ornamental of wood plastic guardrail is enhanced, and the natural environment is better integrated, so that the function of garden green space can be better developed. The height is too heavy, and it is not easy to be covered by plants and open, so as to be close to nature. In addition to supporting the role of walls, columns, but also play a limited role space. The beam on wood plastic guardrail is not necessarily symmetrical, so it can be freely telescopic, crossed and built mutually. The design of wood plastic guardrail should be designed according to the characteristics and environment of the plant; the structure and material of wood plastic guardrail should be considered according to the growth characteristics of the plant.
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