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Wood plastic flooring allows you to rest assured

Release time:2017-11-16  Article source:Tangshan Dushibao Industrial Co.,Ltd

Now our living environment can be said to be more and more bad, as if only go home to feel a little relieved, at this time if you choose wood plastic flooring, then you are blessed.
Wood plastic composite floor with good performance, moisture-proof Naishui, acid and alkali, tasteless, antifungal, antistatic, mothproof, paint free, accord with human body comfort, the flame retardant and smoke density reached the national standard B1, with super flame retardant, increases the safety factor of human living, especially for the effect of geothermal floor is very good. Japan, South Korea, North America has been widely used, the absolute floor formaldehyde free, no benzene, is a good choice for home decoration.
With the consumer attaches great importance to indoor environmental pollution, wood plastic flooring will replace non waterproof, formaldehyde containing laminate flooring; not easy to maintain, wear resistant, easy to deformation, installation of solid wood flooring lock and become the new favorite of home decoration materials.
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